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Exhibition: Rhythm & Balance by Anthony P. Vella   Print  E-mail 
Submitted by Artissa Administrator  

By E.V. Borg

My MotherCASTELLO GALLEGOThe work of Anthony P. Vella (b.1961-) reflects a warm, generous disposition and enthusiasm for life. This love for life and nature is explicit and probably contributes to the balance and harmony in Anthony’s works. He balances forms in space with structural design and since his creativity is due to a reflective, contemplative and meditative character there flows a lyrical and poetic element of great sensitivity and sensibility achieving overall rhythm and harmony in a romantic stance.

The rhythm and harmony in his work does not mitigate his expressive approach. The tragedy in the eyes of the protagonist in one particular work reveals an understanding of human suffering and attendant trauma. The modelling, the plasticity and tangible sculptural quality in his works expose a love of the great masters especially the humanity of Giotto.

The AnnunciationAnthony’s religious conviction and his irresistible attraction for spiritual transcendence transform his figurative realism into role models, into iconic symbols of moral and ethical integrity. His work, representing ‘St. Paul’ interpreted as the traditional soldier of Christ, is a powerful and strong image in its frontal and stylized austerity. The simplicity of the ‘Pieta’ in bold articulated forms and the ‘Annunciation’ reveal and project Anthony’s deep religious convictions.

Anthony’s most expressive work is a human face emerging from a dark space with the enigmatic fear of a man waking up from a traumatizing experience. The galvanizing fear in the eyes is so tangible and highly infectious.

Landscape - AbstractThe collection includes decorative works imbued with expressive colour and veering on the ‘pittorico’. His love of landscape and architecture is quite explicit too. An interesting work is a fragment of a Greek temple pediment with the expressive head of a horse and the feathered wing of a mythological figure that distantly echo the Parthenon. Anthony’s work has echoes of classical art and culture.

Anthony is fond of jazz and his experience as a percussionist and his talent in improvisation and spontaneity are reflected in the irregularly shaped works and the explicitly emphasized and glorified part for the whole. The suggestive fragment or part as ruins is more suggestive than the whole.

AbstractAnthony P. Vella has studied ‘museografia’ at the Istituto d’Arte e Restauro (1994) in Palazzo Spinelli, Florence. He applied such studies in designing the Egalite’ Museum of the General Workers Union in Valletta, an interactive and kin-aesthetic experience accessible to the blind furbished with computers, Braille and touch method. The practical experience (1990-93) Anthony gained at the Museum of Etno-Anthropology at Nebrodi, Messina under the able direction of architect Nuccio Lo Castro (b.1954-) was transformed into projects for the ethnography section of the local Museum Department through the enthusiasm of Dr. Carmel Cassar instrumental in commissioning the artist. Perhaps Anthony’s best design to date (2008) is the Santa Lucia Chapel, an excellent example of simple, clear and clean interior design coupled with an imaginative and fantastic decorative quality for the tabernacle.

Angle's wingAnthony attended the Architect’s Assistant and Draughtsman Course at the Thecnical Institute, Naxxar, Malta and a Design Course at the School of Art and Design, Valletta (1981-84) After his career as art director with local companies creating a market image for consumer products, he also worked on corporate identity image, designing interiors and for the last fifteen years taught art and design, attending a pedagogy course (1997-98) in the process.

Nightmare‘Versatilita’ e disegno’ his first small exhibition as artist and designer took place at the Perfection Café’ in 2005. In November 2007 he organized his first personal exhibition: ‘Transcendence’ at Heritage Malta Head Office in Valletta that introduced him to our art-loving public. Presently he is exhibiting his low reliefs, sketches and designs at S. Agata di Militello (August 2009).

Anthony uses a particular sawdust compound with bonding (gesso and glue) to create suggestive low relief pained panels. The serenity, tranquility, placidity, kind and peaceful nature are elements in his character that are reflected in his expression and that characterize and individualize his work. Unassuming, unpretentious and humble Anthony works intensely towards spiritual fulfillment and satisfaction with great commitment.

From the Gallery
IMG 4110

IMG 4110

From: Mia Anastasi Sammut



From: Fabio Borg



From: Matthew Cassar

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