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C.S. Lawrence - Confessions of a Congenital Liar   Print  E-mail 
Submitted by Artissa Administrator  
Bather IV

C.S. Lawrence is a very talented Artist who has contributed to Artissa in various ways. With years of artistic experience, she paints in great detail and realism, with that unique interpretation which distinguishes an Artist from a Painter. The gallery she has created shows a variety of her works, including some of the 'Bathers' series which depict the female figure in exotic and richly detailed orientalist interiors.

Following the positive reactions to William Azzopardi's write up ('A Wash with Colour'), we have asked Ms. Lawrence to give us a similar contribution, to accompany the launch of her virtual gallery.

As always, we encourage you to post your comments on the write up, entitled 'Confessions of a Congenital Liar', as well as to view and comment on the lovely gallery which we are proud to host.

If you are interested in purchasing Ms. Lawrence's work, you may contact us on and we will put you in contact.

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Masai GirlThere are two things I really don't like, besides warm beer and insincere people, and that's having my art explained by art critics, and having to explain my art myself. In my opinion,(I was going to say humble opinion, but I'm not humble), an artist's primary goal should not be to sell art, thereby making it a competitive commercial product, thereby requiring a big sell. However, that's the idealist speaking – more often than not, the artist has to prostitute herself as the price for devoting herself to painting. After all, bills – those horrid reality checks, have to be paid.

Young BloodThe reason I don't like art critics explaining my art is not because I don't like art critics; my affection for them grows incrementally every time they praise my work. No, its because art critics afford people the opportunity not to think for themselves or to trust their own reactions to art. How many times I've heard people nerviously say “I don't know much about art so I cant really say, but I don't understand whats the point of this painting…” (people who may have made the latter comment about my work wouldn't make it as far as the car park without their wig being ripped off).

Ploughman's RestArt is a form of self-expression and exhibitionism. It encompasses the desire to explain and interpret both the artist's inner reality and the artist's reaction to external environments. Its an exercise, on a very public level, in exploring self-understanding and having others know and recognise that self.

Pause For ThoughtI love painting faces because for me they are the most direct means of expressing a feeling or mood. I project myself through the faces I paint. The male and female faces I paint are all aspects of my persona, both consciously and unconsciously expressed (I often say –usually when I'm completely blotto and Here & Gonecaught in a compromising situation - that I have the multiple personality syndrome. But then, don't we all? Most of us just don't tap into all our sub-personalities).

Why do I paint? As I said before, its to explain myself to myself and to others – my family have given up on trying to understand me so I seek the intimacy of strangers!

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