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Featured Artist - Gordon Pace Flores   Print  E-mail 
Submitted by Artissa Administrator  
Untitled #2Untitled #1

The work of Gordon Pace Flores, a blend of contemporary calligraphy and abstract art revolves around the paradox of the significance of symbols denuded of their meaning.

Pace Flores became fascinated by calligraphy in the early 90s but was gradually put off by the strict constraints of traditional calligraphy, which reminded him of the tedious school exercises when still learning to write.

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Upon discovering contemporary calligraphy, he became especially enamoured with gestural calligraphy and adopted the medium as his primary means of expression. Untitled #3Pace Flores' background, a scientist by profession and training, shows through the methodical application of meaningless combinations of alpha-numeric characters creating a texture of haphazard symbols which Restrained Spiralcry out to be read and understood.

A regular exhibitor on his mother's fridge in the 70s, Pace Flores has not exhibited since. A number of his works will be exhibited in a three-man exhibition "Four Figure Tables", (together with Rupert Cefai and Bernard Bonnici) from the 12th until the 31st of May 2005 at the Manoel Theatre.

You may view Gordon's virtual gallery here.

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